AP Clutches Distributed by Stauffer Diesel Inc.


PTO Selection

Ball Release

Design Features That Make A Difference

  1. Taper roller main bearings with generous side-loading capacity. Universal for application to either side (radial) load or in-line axial loads.
  2. Press-fit pilot shaft to eliminate slippage and wear on shaft pilot surface. Supplied with sealed for life pilot bearing.
  3. Grease hose with stainless steel braiding for improved heat and wear resistance.
  4. Clutch engagement mechanism: "A" type = ball bearing equipped, "B" type = bronze collar equipped.
  5. Long engagement lever for more comfortable operation.
  6. Friction materials: Popular high capacity non-asbestos lining.
  7. Adjustment collar, with convenient locking device, painted red to catch operators attention. Since clutch life is dependent of regular adjustment, this feature has proven very beneficial.
  8. Cotter pins secure the linkage pins reliably.
  9. Lubrication points.
  10. Both standard and short shaft versions available.
  11. Full product support services and same day parts shipment policy.

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